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October 2017 Classes
Pelvic Integration
The Psoas: Its Role in Pelvic Integrity and Emotional Well-Being
Oct 20 - 22 2017
January 2018 Classes
Jan 6 - 9 2018

Follow Up to Basic Class, Unwinding Meridians Rhythms
Jan 11 - 14 2018
Sphenoid Studies and Intelligence
Jan 20 - 23 2018
Talking to the Heart and the Birth of Love
Jan 25 - 28 2018
February 2018 Classes
Feb 10 - 13 2018
Follow Up to Basic Class, Unwinding Meridians Rhythms
Feb 15 - 18 2018
Allowing Expression and Listening
Feb 24 - 27 2018
March 2018 Classes
Understanding and Working with the Alarm Systems
Mar 1 - 4 2018
Eyes, Vision and Education
Mar 10 - 13 2018
The Immune System and Working with Stem Cells
Mar 15 - 18 2018